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We believe that as well as developing our property and investment portfolios for our clients and investors, we must also have an impact on the local communities that we serve, particularly  in Tanzania.

Our mission is to transform the lives of those suffering with oro-facial tumors and provide maxillofacial and oral surgery services across Tanzania.

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Patients with oro-facial tumors often seek treatment at an advanced stage, resulting in reduced treatment options, more expensive medication, longer surgeries, longer recovery stays, and large defects that often lead to severe morbidity. Tanzania, with 75% of its population in rural areas, has only 26% of doctors serving in rural areas. The limited availability of oral and maxillofacial services, high treatment costs, and significant distances to healthcare facilities are just some of the barriers to accessing the care Tanzanians desperately need.

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Help us help them, by pledging your support today, you will be able to uplift the lives of Tanzanians suffering from this preventable affliction. 

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